Moviead Customer Portal

A portal is a doorway or gateway to another place. This term is often used to describe a website that offers a gateway to information available at other websites. With regards to advertising online, a portal is place where customers can come to find what they need. Moviead has its own portal where customers can manage and organize their own digital title art and other portal. 

Moviead Portal for Your Theater

We offer web portal development services with maintenance and support. It is one of the easiest and resourceful ways to engage and deliver content. Portal services often include a  directory, news, e-mail, maps, feedback,

forums, chat, ordering art, or other custom options. These are only some of the most frequently offered services- large portals can include as many as you can think of.

An online marketing portal provides your customers up-to-date content, news updates, announcements and marketing materials as they need them. With the latest digital trend, content can also be found on social media channels for an even deeper and diverse consumer reach. There are many benefits to a portal including, but not limited to, improved user interaction, greater target audience reach, and improved social media feeds and content.

A secure web-based portal from Moviead is your digital gateway to the world, at any time.