Movie Theater Promotions

Increase Revenues THROUGH Onsite and Offsite Promotions

On-Site Promotions

Moviead has the experience and creativity to deliver onsite promotions through our digital signage and content. Our creative team is focused on implementing strategies aimed at increasing concession sales and other onsite opportunities in addition to increasing the amount spent per customer.

Off-Site: Paid Search Marketing

Attract more people to your theater: A vital element of Paid Advertising is identifying new opportunities and developing strategic approaches for your campaigns. At Moviead, we will construct your campaigns with special attention to keyword research, budget control, ad creation, ad placement, and location-targeting. With regular tracking and reporting you have a greater insight into exactly how your Paid Advertising campaigns are performing.

Search Networks:

 Attract more people to your theater: Advertisements on Search Networks show up along with organic results when someone searches a term that is related to your product or service. Search Networks allow you to place your ads in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for movies in your geographic location.

Display Networks:

Attract more people to your theater: On Display Networks, you target potential customers by using keywords and topics to find when they are searching for in a particular movie. When you place ads on Display Networks they can potentially appear on over two million websites with a reach of over 90% of users on the Internet! Display Networks offers a variety of options to allow you to engage with your target audience.


Remarketing advertisements target individuals who have previously visited your website and reminds them about the movie they had searched for.  Ads are positioned on partner sites and web pages that the user visits.


When you place ads on videos, they appear on content hosted by YouTube. Ads can play before, during, or after a video that someone is watching. There is also an option to place thumbnail-sized ads on videos that one can click on to view.