Advantages/Benefits of Moviead Digital Title Art


Moviead provides the theater owner with studio approved & appropriately scaled artwork.

Moviead Digital Title Art templates allow for customization and a more robust and informative display so that auditorium numbers, show times, and other elements can be displayed along with the proper sized and studio approved title art.

Moviead Digital Title art service eliminates the need for in-house content creation while providing studio approved & appropriately scaled artwork, and a straightforward and easy way to get the best graphics and information to the theaters digital screen for patron information.

When existing LCD monitors need replacement, Moviead can provide new commercial grade monitors with integral digital media player and operational software, rated for 24/7 operation, with on-site warranty for 3 years, directly to the theater,  and manage the entire content system directly with the theater from “The Moviead Cloud” allowing the entire process to become even more simple and easier.