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Digital Theater Solutions


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Digital Title art

Moviead Digital Title Art (D.T.A) templates allow for customization and a more robust and informative display so that auditorium numbers, show times, and other elements can be displayed along with the proper sized and studio approved title art.

Moviead cloud

Moviead’s cloud based Digital signage solutions allow theater management to have ultimate control of the digital signage no matter where they are located. From single unit operations to nationwide theater chains, Moviead’s cloud based platform is tailored specifically to each individual theater’s needs with the ultimate goal giving management the tools needed to increase profitability from any location.

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Digital Menus

Moviead's custom digital menus simplify your digital menus. we create your custom menu and deliver to you to upload to your own media player or access directly from Moviead's cloud when you have changes just notify us and within hours your updated menu is ready to display to your customers.


Moviead Allows You Easily Manage your Digital Signage from the Cloud

Maximize Revenue Cloud Based Digital Signage for Remote Management and Control.

Moviead’s cloud based Digital signage solutions allow theater management to have ultimate control of the digital signage no matter where they are located. From single unit operations to nationwide theater chains, Moviead’s cloud based platform is tailored specifically to each individual theater’s needs with the ultimate goal giving management the tools needed to increase profitability from any location.

Lower Costs: Moviead’s cloud solutions reduce operational costs and have low upfront costs

  • No Servers: purchasing, installing, and maintaining your own servers including heating and cooling equipment to keep it running. Eliminate IT Costs
  • Lower Labor Costs: eliminate mistakes and costs associated with messaging and assigning titles to rooms
  • No Software: reduce the costs of maintaining and updating on-premise software
  • No Cables: eliminate the costs of installing and maintaining network cabling

Easy Scalability: Moviead Cloud makes Scaling Easy and Affordable


Add more screens and content without crashes or data bottlenecks. Quickly serve up hundreds of options….from simple static slideshows on a single screen to streaming HD video to hundreds screens. Compared with an on-premise management system that requires extensive back-end to support scaling, Moviead’s cloud-based signage platform will significantly reduce the costs of scaling by eliminating the need of adding more servers to each new sign and location.

Easy Implementation :

Moviead will install signage preloaded with the required software and hardware so that all you need to do is connect to the internet. The amount of time needed to implement is minimal compared to setting up servers and cabling. 
Deliver dynamic content to free employees to focus on managing operations.

Management, Security and Users: Theaters are now Able to have Greater Control of the Messaging and Brand

  • Manage Users: Users have their own account and can have different levels of permissions. Manage highly defined permissions to different users to make changes to the content for a certain number of locations or screens and in a variety of ways. This helps maintain central control of content at a company-wide level, allowing a high degree of brand control and consistency.
  • Security: Moviead  maintain higher levels of security than a company’s network can. We stream using HTTPS, encrypting both the uplink and the downlink. Data is encrypted and protected.
  • Messaging and Brand: Change messaging in real time and from every location

Moviead: The Theater Owner’s Trusted Partner.

Moviead is dedicated to helping theater owners and management utilize the platform with ease and confidence.

  • Content: Can be scheduled for any purpose and at any time
  • Software: Free and Automatic Updates
  • Support: World class support available for customers to call or email any time an issue or question> We will resolve issues quickly
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Consumer TVs' chassis are designed more for aesthetics, generally aren’t appropriate for business settings. Commercial Displays are intentionally designed with clean, symmetrical lines and sometimes don’t include the manufacturer’s logo.



Consumer TVs are designed for residential use, whereas commercial displays are more ruggedly constructed for high-traffic areas ranging from conference rooms to public spaces.



Brightness levels built for in-home environments—typically limited to 350 cd/m2. Brightness levels built for highambient light conditions—ranging from 350 to 2,500+ cd/m2.



As consumer TVs are designed for use as a television,they are primarily for TV content and consumer electronics. Commercial displays are specifically designed to simultaneously display both broadcast TV and promotional content.



Consumer TVs are designed to run 6 - 8 hours per day, with limited onboard cooling. However, commercial displays are built to run from 16/7 to 24/7 hours per day, with better cooling for longer runtimes.



Consumer TVs are not designed to support cooling needs while in portrait mode, whereas commercial displays are enabled to support portrait mode.



Consumer TVs develop image-retention issues, while commercial displays leverage technology protecting against image retention.



Consumer TVs' chassis design changes frequently, meeting needs of residential users, not business clients. Commercial Displays excel at maintaining longer lifecycles of industrial design, enabling a cleaner, more consistent deployment.

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Fastest Setup In The Industry

Moviead Digital signage displays are quick and simple to set up. With our smart onboarding, you are able get your message to your audience easily and to your specification.

Easy Set Up and Installation with "Out of the Box" Digital Solution

Replace ineffective communication with our powerful, web based and cost-effective digital signage solution and begin to increase your theater’s profitability. Our signs come preprogrammed and ready to get your messages displayed immediately. You can either setup your Digital Signage as a local device or as a remote device that is controlled via Moviead's cloud.


Moviead’s powerful streamlined solution that reduces the total cost of ownership for digital signage network deployments, providing savings in hardware, installation and operating costs for seamless content delivery.

World Class Support and Customer Service

Our partner ecosystem and Moviead support are dedicated to helping  you every step of the way with streamline deployment and manage content remotely across multiple displays and locations through this open and integrated player side media platform. 

Users are able to immediately enjoy the application without any difficulty. 

Training And Support

When you work with the Moviead team, you will have confidence and peace of mind that your theater will run smoothly and successfully. Working alongside our dealer network, we are the industry's most trusted partner to design, deploy and support commercial visual displays. Moviead has a team of certified and trained technicians, along with our project management team, that will plan the execution of your digital project.

Qualified trainers assist users in understanding and adopting Moviead systems in their network. The systems are easy to use and simple to setup; we teach clients how to get the most out of their system. Whether it is the initial launch, updating new software or adding new users, the training classes provide detailed demonstrations and examples.

As part of your service team, it is our mission to keep your equipment running smoothly and your revenue flowing. Our preventative maintenance and on-site emergency service will ensure your visual displays continually operate at top performance. We proactively monitor and manage your theater’s systems, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to prevent any issues from occurring. We understand that downtime is not an option.

Moviead offers:

·        First-rate support services tailored to customer needs

·        Remote monitoring and maintenance for reduced downtime and customer support

·        Program management/support with a single source contact


Moviead isthe nation’s number one supplier of graphics to the theater industry and is readily available for any size or complexity, from concept to completion and beyond.