Digital distribution is basically the delivery or distribution of media content over the internet.  The term digital distribution typically refers to unattached products; downloadable attachments are more commonly known as downloadable content.

Moviead has cloud services that dont require distribution.

Skilled marketers know that even the best, relevant content may not get found organically. In today’s ever-changing technology, targeted promotion strategies set in place for campaigns to succeed and continue to develop. Distribution is a vital aspect of a content marketing plan; however, in order for it to be effective and productive, the right content must be shared in the right places.  At Moviead, we are experts at identifying the best marketing channels for your business and asking the right questions.


Promoting is about getting the right content in front of the right target audience. Content that’s never seen by its intended audience is worthless and a waste of time and money. Great content is not guaranteed to be found organically, so that is where distribution comes into play.  The right distribution strategy will drive up your exposure, traffic, and target audience engagement.

Finding your desired target audience is the key to your distribution plan of action. That means constantly analyzing your data as well as your competitors. We research it all, including social media sites, e-mail contacts, website visits/actions, and more. Your content distribution needs to be where your audience is, and Moviead gets you there.


Distributing relevant content also has many options. The right content to the right theater helps ensure that your message gets in front your target audience, but managing the options requires knowledge and experience.

With Moviead distribution, a Movie theater can either receive its content via the cloud or more traditional means....the option is yours. 

Distributing content through channels that are controlled by your brand is another way to promote your movie theater.  This is the type of content promotion is very common and is used on a regular basis in addition to on-site; the audience viewing the content is typically already familiar with the brand. Additionally, Moviead is able to syndicate your content social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Also included in this group are RSS feeds and e-mail promotions.

Digital PR is another strategy which convinces a third party (target audience or media outlet) to engage with your content and share it through their own channels. The objective is to reach a new audience with your brand and content.

You don’t want to always spend marketing dollars when other opportunities are available.  Having a large budget doesn’t mean that you should pay for distribution on every channel.  More views does not equal more customers. Developing a relationship and making informed decisions to connect your content with your desired audience is the foundation for continued growth.

Selecting the right channels for your brand is just as important as your content. Your content should be a good match for the overall feel and information on the distribution channels that you choose.