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  • Remotely Manage and Create Studio Approved Title Art displaying movies and showtimes in your box office auditorium or lobby signs.
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  • Eliminate the costs of taking down and updating printed signage

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Digital Title Art  (DTA) is Moviead's solution for displaying movies and showtimes in your box office, lobby or outside of your auditoriums onto any digital display. Our system allows theatre operators to access Moviead's secure website to create full screen images of all your box office and auditorium information using "Studio Approved Title Art". No more searching for images and  cropping only to have some of the title not visible. Graphics can then be manually loaded onto any display using a media player or automatically sent to "Moviead's Cloud"  and displayed onto a Samsung Tizen embedded display. (Displays available pre-configured from Moviead)  

Horizontal Examples of Digital Title Art "DTA"

Vertical Examples Of Digital Title Art "DTA"

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