Digital Concession Stand

Bright, bold, and colorful imagery, eye-catching animations, and vivid videos on a digital menu add to the visual appeal of food, candy, and drinks, while generating higher sales at concession stands.

Moviead offers cost-effective solutions that keep concession stand traffic moving and coming back for more. Digital menus can be used to promote combos or slow moving items. They can be run throughout the theater’s digital signage network and not just on the digital menus. Incorporating promotions on digital displays throughout the theater helps drive traffic back to the concession stand.

The benefits of incorporating digital menus in movie theaters are virtually endless.

·        Ability to easily, consistently and vividly launch any promotion

·        Digital menus make theaters look modern and technically savvy

·        Allows you to update a menu instantly

·        Theater patrons will find it much easier to read menu items and prices.

Moviead manages nearly every aspect of the theater’s digital signage strategy, including graphics, content management, software, and technical support. Content can be updated, and the screens will display the new information in mere seconds, making it simple to adjust a price or run a temporary marketing campaign from any location.  Content can be changed for one theater as a test for a special promotion before rolling it out elsewhere.

The potential for increasing profits, driving sales, and engaging moviegoers combined with the potential to generate additional revenue without much effort, make the initial investment in digital menus a necessity.