Training And Support

When you work with the Moviead team, you will have confidence and peace of mind that your theater will run smoothly and successfully. Working alongside our dealer network, we are the industry's most trusted partner to design, deploy and support commercial visual displays. Moviead has a team of certified and trained technicians, along with our project management team, that will plan the execution of your digital project.

Qualified trainers assist users in understanding and adopting Moviead systems in their network. The systems are easy to use and simple to setup; we teach clients how to get the most out of their system. Whether it is the initial launch, updating new software or adding new users, the training classes provide detailed demonstrations and examples.

As part of your service team, it is our mission to keep your equipment running smoothly and your revenue flowing. Our preventative maintenance and on-site emergency service will ensure your visual displays continually operate at top performance. We proactively monitor and manage your theater’s systems, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to prevent any issues from occurring. We understand that downtime is not an option.

Moviead offers:

·        First-rate support services tailored to customer needs

·        Remote monitoring and maintenance for reduced downtime and customer support

·        Program management/support with a single source contact


Moviead isthe nation’s number one supplier of graphics to the theater industry and is readily available for any size or complexity, from concept to completion and beyond.